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4 Benefits of Walk In Tubs

If you’re suffering from mobility issues due to aging, you can appreciate how hard it can be to do the simple things. Stairs can be impossible to ascend, and household chores might be more difficult to accomplish all the time. One of the hardest things for the elderly to do is bathing. It can be a challenge to take a bath, but it can also be unsafe unless you take the necessary precautions. That’s why so many seniors are opting to replace their old bathtubs with walk in tubs. Here are a few reasons you might want to look into walk in baths for elderly prices.

1. They’re Safer

Easily the most common reason people choose to install walk in tubs is due to safety. Regular bathtubs require scaling a tall side wall to enter. If mobility is a problem, not only do you have to lift your leg over that wall, but you have to land safely on the other side. Since most bathtubs are slick — and are made of hard surfaces like porcelain and tile — they become increasingly dangerous to use as you get older. Walk in tubs require no such effort. You simply open a door, enter, and then sit in the seat. Furthermore, the floors are made of non-slip materials, and there are many handrails within easy reach for added security.

2. Hydrotherapy

You may appreciate the increased safety you get with your walk in tub, but you’ll positively love the hydrotherapy. Jacuzzi walk in bathtubs are outfitted with water and air jets, so not only do you get yourself clean, but you can enjoy the amazing benefits that only hydrotherapy can provide. Acting to soothe aching joints and muscles, the jets feel so good, you’ll never want to leave the tub.

3. Increased Independence

You don’t want to rely on anyone else if you can avoid it. Sadly, bathing may require an attendant or family member for you to do it safely. Because they’re safe and easy to operate, however, walk in tubs can afford you some of that independence that you’re missing in your life.

4. Aging in Place

If you’re like most people, you probably love your home and would like to live there as long as possible. The health and safety benefits that only walk in tubs can provide make it easier to live where you want to live without have to move into an assisted living facility.

If all these benefits sound appealing to you, take some time to look into walk in baths for elderly prices. You might be surprised at how affordable they really are.

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