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Where Can You Find LGBTQ in The France?

Among various European countries, France is the first country which has shown much tolerance to homosexuals and LGBT communities.

In the year 2019, a survey was conducted where 85% French people stated that homosexuality is just another way to express one’s sexuality.

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Besides that, if you are interested in the LGBT community then you can always find them in any of the following few places very easily:

  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Local pubs
  • Clubs
  • Cud
  • Bookstores
  • Restaurants
  • Cruising areas
  • Saunas
  • Queer events
  • LGBTQ organizations

In the year of 1975 too, one survey was conducted in the France and during that time only 24% people had held the above view that was found in 2019 survey. Therefore, you can see over the period of about 45 years the perception of people has drastically changed.

In general LGBT communities are most accepted in this country. The 1975 survey was conducted by the foundation which is known as “Jasmin Roy-Sophie Desmarais Foundation”.

This foundation is in association with the Dilcrah, a well-known Inter-ministerial Delegation for fighting against anti-LGBT hate, anti-Semitism and also racism.

As per the last survey in the year of 2019, only 8% used to view homosexuality as a mental illness which must be treated and can be cured, but during the year 1975 almost 42 percent people responded with the similar statement.

Today, only 7 percent continue to think that homosexuality a kind of sexual perversion should always be opposed and the similar sentiment was expressed in the 1975 survey by 22 percent people in the France.

However, according to François Kraus, who is a director of political section of the Ifop, the growing tolerance that is being shown to homosexuality in France should not be considered as complete acceptance to homosexuality.

It is indeed true that instead of having greater amount of tolerance towards the LGBT community, it has still failed to totally eliminate the old clichés that existed against homosexuality.

Even today, you will find that one in five French people think that few professions where people will be in permanent and regular contact with young children must be totally prohibited for homosexual people.

As per the latest survey, almost 27 percent respondents had expressed that they feel quite uncomfortable when any transgender person is present near them and 14 percent people have similar feeling towards homosexual or bisexual person even if they happen to be of same sex of their own.

To sum up almost 30 percent French people have openly admitted that they have been uncomfortable with these LGBT people at least once in their life.

The last survey that was conducted in the year of 2019 was a self-administered questionnaire which was asked online during the mid-2019, where the number of people who were asked was 3,013 people that represented French population who are between the age group 18 and over.

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